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Drane Engineering has begun working with Cobots. Specifically with the intention of helping those losing the ability to use their arms. We have been using the UFactory Lite6 cobot. We successfully developed an interface using the Microsoft Adaptive controller such that a person could control the cobot using their feet. It could use more work. And more importantly people wanting to use it so that modifications and desires can be incorporated. The materials, code and recipe will all be uploaded to Git Hub as we get time to do so.

Current efforts associated with the Cobot involve adding the Open Bionics Brunel Hand 2.0 to it as its gripper. Additionally, we are working on adding vision capabilities using a RealSense Camera system. We continue to look for collaborators, recommendations, best practices and any existing capabilities people are willing to share. The Brunel Hand is already up on Git Hub and Thingiverse. We will be adding our corrections and tweaks there.

Please reach out to us with questions or suggestions.

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