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Recent Clients

Since our founding in 1997, Drane Engineering has undertaken dozens of engineering projects across different industries. Our task is to overcome new challenges with creative solutions, predicated by engineering discipline. When we work for a client, such as the ones below, we help them realize their visions.

Appollo Old.png
  • Contributor to team developing new refrigeration process.  We developed a prototype to demonstrate the capability to do an isothermal compression cycle as part of an air-conditioning system. 

  • Sought and received 3 patents Nos 9,772,122 (9/26/2017) and 10,222,096 (3/5/2019) and 11,255,578 (2/22/2022).

Bale of CleanFiber insulation


  • Engineered Machinery and Processes for NY (was MA) based cellulose insulation manufacturer. 

  • Engineered and helped with prototyping several machines and processes. 

  • Worked with team on developing new products and processes and seeking patents thereof.

cambridge cohousing.webp

Cambridge Cohousing

  • Provide support of their large ground source heat pump system

  • Completed full makeover of control systems to PLC

  • Staged replacement of heat pumps due to age of system


Pecos Wind Power - Engineered several iterations of tilt up system for 85 kW wind turbine. 

Worked with team to drive down cost of overall system including engineering, procurement, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Tri-Mont Engineering - Power Plant and Process Piping Design.  Owner’s engineer support.  Cost estimates, Pro-formas, bid-spec packages, piping documentation, piping support designs. Worked with Distrigas, Exxon, Sprague Energy, MATEP and many other local energy companies to develop plans and designs for new piping and power systems.  Provided heat balances with in house developed VISIO software system, pipe stress analysis, flow analysis (for compressible and incompressible flows of steam, water and natural gas) and structural support designs. -  System development for pellet storage, transport and in home distribution and use.  Invented, prototyped and submitted provisional patents for new products for bulk pellets.   Supported sales and marketing teams selling wood pellets for home heat and energy.  Pushed hard to resolve chicken and egg issues in developing wood pellet industry here in the US.

Souhegan Wood Products -  Developed and built automated flying cutoff system for their extruded wood core saver products.

ARD/ - Mechanical Engineer on team inventing and producing new Braille Reader and Tactile Panel for mass market. ARD Patent number 9,812,033.  Issued 11/7/2017.

Casepick Systems - Director of Mechanical and Structural Engineering.  Employee number six at startup factory automation company.  Later became Symbotic.  Led Mechanical team developing structural support environment and small robotic cars through two successful tranches of financing.  Led team in documenting, sourcing, procuring and assembling first prototype robots and structural environments.  Staffed and procured tools and tooling for in house shop. 




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