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Drane Engineering is owned and operated by Randell Drane, PE.  We provide mechanical engineering services to a variety of clients with a broad variety of needs from Power Plant and Process Piping design to small consumer products to Factory and Warehouse Automation.  Drane Engineering has been a significant contributor to large and small teams on a variety of project scales, budgets and timelines.  We enjoy pushing things that "can’t be done" due to budget, time or creativity constraints, into the done stack.


At Drane Engineering, we are driven to help you succeed. We strive for excellent and timely communication. We move quickly and flexibly to accomplish the tasks at hand.  We do the work associated with the discipline of engineering.  We are here to help you change the world.


Some areas we are interested in, but not limited to are:

  • solar

  • combined heat and power/cogeneration

  • ground coupled heat pumps

  • home energy system management

  • hybrid power

  • cobots

  • adaptive and accessibility systems

  • home building systems

  • rapid prototyping




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